Welcome to the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry

The World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry was formed in 1999 by a group of concerned dentists, researchers and educators committed to concept of minimally invasive care. Minimally invasive dentistry is based on the principle that no dental treatment or material is better than healthy tissue. This means that ultimately dental treatments should focus preserving healthy tissue as much as possible to accomplish a predictable outcome. While originally focused on early diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment of tooth decay, the Congress now regularly examines all minimally invasive procedures in dentistry. At the Annual meeting, there are yearly update presentations examining the evidence base for dental caries, periodontal disease, occlusion and esthetics. Additional speakers focus on a range of relevant topics. The purpose of the Congress has also shifted to include accurate diagnosis and prevention of diseases, not just diagnosing the disease and treating the signs and symptoms. Treatments should include correcting issues that are causing disease processes, not merely treating the outcome of the disease. This is evidenced by the group’s support of CAMBRA, caries management by risk assessment, an approach that focuses on diagnosing and correcting/managing the disease risks to prevent further disease.

The WCMID is truly an international organization, with members from all over the globe. Annual meetings have been held in the USA, Canada and Australia. The WCMID has championed the cause of minimally invasive procedure and brought it into normal lexicon of the dental profession. Due to the vision, commitment and passion of these pioneers, MID is now mainstream and standard of practice in dentistry.

In 2014, the WCMID will conduct its first ever virtual annual meeting. The conference will be available by webcast, and it will also be recorded. This will allow members to receive the latest information on MID without travel, time and significant expense. The presentation will also be recorded, allowing members to watch the presentations on their own time frame. In addition, for 2014 the WCMID is providing quarterly webinars for members on a variety of MID topics.
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Tribute to Dr. Robert Barkley

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The WCMID named Dr. Robert F. Barkley the recipient of the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award, posthumously, at the annual congress in San Diego on August 20th. The award was accepted by his son Jonathan Barkley, who gave a moving presentation about his father, his career, as well as re-introducing us to Dr. Barkley’s family including his first wife Phyllis and their five children Jon, Kevin, David, Ann, and Sarah. Dr. Barkley’s two sisters, Virginia Doxtader and Carolyn Van Order, still reside in Macomb, Illinois. Read more...